Wednesday, August 18, 2010

*SIGH* Ok, Kate Gosselin...I'll go easy on you and blame your stylist.

Some of you saw my post some time back--well I suppose it was more of a plea to women everywhere to have a little more respect for yourself and cover up a bit. I mentioned in that little blip that leaving some things to the imagination was actually far more attractive than "letting it all hang out". You may be saying, "Where are you going with this, Whitney? Why are you bashing Kate Gosselin? Hasn't the modified Octomom been through enough this year?" The answer to that is YES, YES, and MORE YES. I'm not trying to bash Kate per se. I did, however, watch the first show of the season last night of the debut of "Kate Plus Eight" and I was disappointed. When the show first began Kate was verging on Amish (OR Let's just say "Duggar Style") with her style of clothing. Over time she got a little more trendy. However, since the divorce and the start of the new show she is "letting it all hang out". It was difficult for me to watch her toting around 8 children last night, 5 of which are young ladies who are probably looking up to their mom and seeking guidance in fashion whether they realize it or not, and see her outfit after outfit with her "ladies" hanging out. I realize once you have been anatomically enhanced that you want to "show them off" a little, but it got a bit ridiculous last night. The plunging necklines, cleavage that rivals the Grand Canyon, and Daisy Dukes that Kate wore last night were, shall we say, over the top (not to mention the fake nails long enough to poke kids eyeballs out, hair extensions, and questionable teen queen make-up job) . There does get to be a point where if you are a woman in your mid-30s you should ditch the micro miniskirt and embrace the "just above the knee length" skirt. I thought she actually aged herself quite a bit by trying to look like a 21 year old. It blows my mind that this show is actually on the same channel as "What Not To Wear" and Stacy London wasn't heard screaming and shrieking in the background or staging an intervention. Anyway, yes, I'm ranting. I really do think that "less is more" and that women should have more respect for themselves and embrace "pretty" and "classy" over "hoochie/sexy". There is no shame in being a bit modest and there are so many options out there that are "classy modest" these days. I would encourage Kate and those who are still delusional that mid-30s means "young, wild, free, sexy--so I'm going to act 10 years younger than I am" to rethink your style a bit. Our kiddos are looking up to us. We should set a better example for them, and we should love ourselves more than to feel like we have to exploit ourselves as someone else's "cheap thrill". K, I'm done. Carry on... ;)