Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Holidays 2014!!! it really that time of year again?
First of all, let me say that I'm a horrible blogger. I used to think I was pretty good at blogging--until I moved to Alaska. If people paid me to blog, I'd be fired. Luckily, there are only a handful of people who give a rat's fuzzy behind about this thing, and therefore, this blog still has a heartbeat! I have avoided blogging Asystole! I am verging on Pulseless Electrical Activity from a run of sustained Sinus Bradycardia, but dag nabbit!--I'm still alive! (How do you spell "dag nabbit" anyway? Spell check wants to replace it with "Rabbit"--screw you, Spell Check...PS Happy Holidays)
I literally dropped off the blogging map when I moved to Alaska. I got swallowed up into an arctic abyss of camouflage-laden lumberjacks, and women who think flannel pajama pants and rubber boots are a fashion statement because they have flowers printed on them. HAYeeellllllllp!!!!
Actually, now I'm warped because there are some cute rubber boots with flowers printed on them up here. Oh dear--I've become one of THEM! Not really, but there are some things I don't hate as much as I used to about Alaska. I still fully intend to make fun of everything Alaskan though. It's my right now. I'm a LOCAL! **SHIVER**
I wasn't trying to be a blogging butthead by ignoring you guys. It just happened. Before I knew it, time was flying by--which is weird, because when I moved to Alaska, it quickly turned into the longest two year commitment of my life. I think on some level, the first year here put me in a place where I couldn't really blog about my life. I just didn't want to go there, and drag you there with me. And now it's almost 2015--and I have a new outlook, and am very excited for all of the possibilities that lie before me.
Work has been going pretty well. We are always busy. I moved up here because I was constantly being put on call in Colorado, and I have literally been put on call ONE TIME in a year and a half (on a scheduled shift) at this job. I can't buy a call day when I'm scheduled to work. It's a blessing though. I love having a job I can count on. I also love my job.
Through my work, I have an awesome coworker who is a staunch yogi, and is constantly wrangling me (and others) and encouraging me to push myself in the world of yoga. Before practicing simple yoga poses with this girl at work, and attending rogue yoga classes in CO, I hadn't done a headstand since 1989. She has turned my world upside down, and I literally am loving "playing" with yoga through my Instagram yoga account, "ARCTICBARBIEGIRL".  It gives me a chance to connect with other yogis, and people, and challenges me to break myself in half more gracefully by seeing the examples of other IG yogis.
I yoga at work--even when the security people think I look ridiculous as they watch their cameras.
I use yoga pics as ways to show how amazingly beautiful Alaska is.
I've learned to hug trees with my toes.
I've done yoga headstands on mountaintops--where people think I'm loco (check out the peeps in the background).
I've done yoga with my kids' dog in Colorado--even the dog looked worried that I was stuck like that.
I've tested the durability of street signs.
Tested the durability of trees.

The durability of bikinis.
Used yoga to play with knives.
Attempted to surf upside down.
Fully supported the revival of leg warmers.
Challenged that gravity wouldn't snap my neck.
And had a ton of goofy fun at work that led to LOTS of laughs.
I even show off my stylish footwear with my yoga poses now. What can I say? I'm a girl who love fashion. Why not use Yoga to express that. *cha cha cha*
My kiddos came up for the summer here in Alaska. Last year was so tough. I think at one point I went two months without seeing them, and it almost killed me. I started picking up extra shifts after the twins left this summer, and now head down to Colorado every 3-4 weeks--although, they have been coming up here every three to four weeks lately with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday! LOVING IT!
The plan for next year???
And I kind of like it this way. I am moving back home to Colorado. I will be based out of there, but I might stay on at my job in Alaska as a "registry" nurse (flying up and working chunks of time). I do love the people I work with, and I've gotten into the groove with this hospital. We do some AMAZING things to help women with pregnancy, and through their deliveries--things I've never even heard of or that have been attempted in the lower 48 states to help save the lives of babes, and I'm all about it.
The guy situation
It's good. That's all I'm going to say about that.
There were a couple of situations that rocked my world over the past year. The first of which was my ex-husband's best friend dying from skin cancer. I'm not trying to make a Debbie Downer Christmas card, but it totally sucked. And it sucked for the beautiful kid that he left behind who called him "Dad". Please remember to take care of yourselves in the sun. Why do you think I look like such a pasty weirdo in all my pics???? Even when I get back from Hawaii, people can hardly tell I went somewhere tropical, let alone SURFED the entire dang time!!!! I don't care how "tan" my skin looks. It is not worth the cell damage that occurs with a tan. I plaster on the 50 SPF, and surf my brains out. I don't care that I'm the whitest white girl at the beach. You have to take care of your skin. It's the largest organ in your body, and without it, you are super screwed. Huge shout out to my peeps in Colorado, because we have the highest skin cancer rate in the nation. We are a bunch of white people running around at high altitude. Tans look great, but don't choose a tan over your life. Protect yourself. Be pale white Norwegian pasty like me. ;)
The most recent loss was that of my Godmother. What a blessed soul. All I can think is that God truly needed another angel, because she fits the bill. I want to write an entire blog about her, and I will, because of how amazing she was, and how much she touched my life.  REALLY?? 65 years old, and God scooped you up? You must be doing something right, Auntie Pam. The rest of us have a lot of work to do before we receive that honor. I miss you terribly, and love you more than you ever knew.
This year has been monumental. My father contacted me--out of the blue, and asked to meet up for lunch during one of my trips to Colorado. I have not had a relationship with either of my parents for many years. It never meant I quit loving them, but it just was what it was. Sometimes life pounds on your relationships to the point where you think they are futile, and then God steps in and reveals that life is a wimp, and He has control over the revival of precious things. My dad has periodically kept communication open with me, but my mom is now starting to feel more comfortable with trying to get to know me again. For nearly half my life this has been a struggle, however, God is good. We are a family of faith, and sometimes faith has to be tested before your heart can commit to love. I can appreciate that, but also appreciate the opportunity it presents.
I am so excited for Christmas this year. This is the first year that I have sent Christmas presents to everyone in my family. They are so personalized, and so ME showing love to THEM--I can't wait until Christmas Day--even though I wont' be there to see them open their gifts...they will know they are loved. Isn't that what Christmas is all about? Granted, I spent almost $300 on all those gifts to ship them (and some of them came to me after I ordered them with free shipping...and then I had to re-ship them...DOH!!!), but I got to wrap all of them, and send my love with all of them. That's all that REALLY matters.
I want to wish everyone happy holidays this year. I know everyone celebrates them in their own way, but I want to say I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THE GIFT OF JESUS CHRIST. It is undeniable. As critical as some are of "Christians", Jesus was the bomb. He was the one who hung out with all the people no one wanted to be around--out of LOVE. He was such an example, and that is what I push for through my Christianity--just realizing that purpose of Christ.
It's funny how the simplest of things can bring out thinking back to the most important things. And God bless Charles Schulz for having the balls to make a cartoon that became as mega-famous as it has and declares true meaning of Christmas. "Balls" meaning Christmas ornaments--of course.
May you have a super blessed holiday season. I am so blessed to have the amazing friends that I do, and look forward to a blessed New Year for all of us. God is good. Trust in that.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sadie and Mark--Adam and Eve Contemporary Dance those of you who know me KNOW that I love my Duck Dynasty.
Some of you may or may not know of Sadie Robertson. She is the daughter of the CEO of Duck Commander, and she is one of the stars of Duck Dynasty. She is awesome. She is gorgeous, funny, and is now on this season of Dancing With The Stars.
Those of you who know me also know that I am not shy about my faith. I am a follower of God, and my love for Jesus Christ is stronger than anything that I have love for in this world. That being said, I was so proud of Sadie for choosing a biblical theme for her dance this week on DWTS. Not only did this dance, and interpretation of "The Garden of Eden" give me goosebumps, but this girl has made a vow to keep her dancing classy, and tasteful during this show--something a lot of 17 year olds would not do these days.
This was brilliant. It made me look at this story like I have never before. It also made me reflect on the fall of man, and the intensity/impact thereof.
Love. Love. Love.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ISLAND HIBISCUS: Original Painting by Artist Whitney Madison

A few weeks ago, I finished a hibiscus painting that was navy blue and white, and really wanted to focus on the structure and beauty of the hibiscus flower. This week, still riding the hibiscus vibe, I decided to go a little wild with some fun primary colors to CeLeBrAtE the gorgeous colors the hibiscus bring.

This painting is on an 18"X24"X2" stretched canvas, and it includes my signature handcrafted frame in vivid green, has clear glass beads embedded that have splashes of bright greens and yellows in the bead centers, bright acrylics, my signature texturization that stands off the canvas, and it sealed in a high gloss glaze for protection. Perfect to add color to any room!

This painting is ready to mount directly onto nails. No metal picture hangers are necessary.

Perfect for an island home, or if your home reflects your dreams of the islands!
To view this, and my other paintings, please visit my online art gallery at
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(: Cheers! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

**NEW PAINTING**: SUN and SURF Original painting by artist, Whitney Madison

This painting was inspired by two of my favorite things--Sun, and Surf! I adore the ocean, and the dynamic movement of the waves. I also love how the sun interacts with the water throughout the day. There is nothing like feeling the sun on my face while you rest on my surfboard...

This piece is on a 18"X24"X0.5" stretched canvas. It is done in an acrylic medium, in both matte and metallic paints. Orange glass beads bring fun texture to my signature handcrafted frame that reflects the vivid color of the sunset. The painting is fully texturized in my signature style that literally makes it pop off the canvas. The wave has mirrored blue glass embellishments that make it pop with vibrant color.The whole painting is glazed in high gloss, and perfect for any room.

This painting may be mounted directly onto nails. There is no need to add metal picture hangers.
This will definitely bring color, and a fun to your home! The painting is also very fun to touch.
I hope you all enjoy the sun and the surf as much as I do! However, don't forget to wear your 45 SPF! ;)
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Friday, May 16, 2014

**NEW PAINTING**: FLEUR DES ILES "Flower of the Islands", Original Painting by Artist, Whitney Madison

I am intrigued by the beauty of the hibiscus flower, and always enjoy taking time out on my trip to the islands to look at them, touch them, enjoy their beauty, and photograph them. This painting was inspired by just that.


Fleur Des Iles is an acrylic painting, on a 24"X12"X0.5" stretched canvas. It includes my signature, handcrafted frame in white pearl, and has pink/mauve glass beads embedded. The painting has three hibiscus flowers that have my signature, texturized style.
Each flower is partitioned off with a pearl white frame, and the flowers literally stand off the canvas. The acrylic paint is sealed in a high gloss glaze.


Perfect for any room! There is no need to add metal picture hangers--the frame mounts directly onto nails.
To view this painting, or to place a custom order, please visit my online art gallery at
(: CHEERS! :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

**NEW PAINTING**: HIBISCUS Original Artwork By Artist, Whitney Madison

This painting was inspired by my love for the hibiscus flowers that pepper the islands of Hawaii with amazing color, and beauty. I love the shape, and unique characteristics of the hibiscus flower, and always seem to end up taking multiple photographs of them while I am on the islands.
This painting has my signature handcrafted frame, on a 18"X24"X2" stretched canvas, with clear glass beads embedded. It has acrylic pearl white paint, and is sealed in a high gloss glaze. The background is in a midnight navy blue acrylic, and the hibiscus flowers are white acrylic, with pearl white, and midnight blue highlights. The anther and stigma coming from the center style (biological names for the center of the flower) are embellished with clear Swarovski crystals, as are both letter "i" on the writing, "Hibiscus". The entire painting is sealed in a high gloss glaze, and perfect to hang in any room.
The wood frame mounts directly onto nails. There is no need to add picture hangers! This painting pops off the canvas in my signature texturized style, and is fun to touch!


I am usually so enamored with the beauty and color of the hibiscus, but wanted this painting to focus on the beauty of the actual structure of the hibiscus flower.

(: CHEERS! :)
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

**NEW PAINTING**: Mosaic Art "SURF": Original Painting by Artist, Whitney Madison

I just returned from yet another FABULOUS surf trip to the North Shore, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. It is so amazing to literally take a vacation where the only obligation is to paddle into, and catch as many waves as possible. Hanalei Bay is my favorite surf location. Not only is the surfing amazing, but the town, the people, and the spirit of ALOHA abounds there. There are so many little art galleries that showcase the local artisans' pieces there. I am always inspired when I pop into the little shops, and have a chance to admire some of the new pieces that have come about (since my last trip there).

SURF is a piece that was inspired out of my love for the sport of surfing. To me, surfing is beautiful, and powerful. It is such a challenging sport, and I love that every wave I catch has its own character, and thrill that comes with the ride.


This piece is on a 24"X20"X1.5" stretched canvas. My signature, handcrafted frame has mosaic glass pieces embedded, and is sealed with a high gloss/sparkle glaze. The surfboard, and writing are in my classic, texturized style, and the surfboard has mosaic glass embedded in the texturization as well. I use acrylic as my medium, and then seal my painting with a high gloss glaze. This painting is ready to hang. The wooden frame mounts directly onto nails--there is no need to add picture hangers. Ready to mount on any wall, and fun to touch!

I love the sparkle of the glass, and I had a lot of fun coupling mosaic intrigue with the sport I love.
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Cheers! :) 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

**New Blog Post**: OVERCOME: by Jeremy Camp--THE Song For Easter :)

I love this song. It is such a powerful anthem for the resurrection. Jesus is by far my favorite dude in the bible. Selfless. Loving. Sarcastic. Point blank with some of the things he says. Willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Literally, the LOVE of my life.
Thank you, Jesus.

Friday, April 18, 2014

From The Inside Out: A Good Friday Post

It's kind of funny how life works.
I sat in my car this morning, listening to this song, closed my eyes, and really just prayed these lyrics out from my heart. Then I found this link on YouTube, and realized that I am not the only one to ever do this. *buzz kill*
I've been struggling with some really huge realizations I've had about things this past year. It's not just one thing in particular, but literally EVERYTHING in my life. I've been forced to reflect on things that I didn't really feel like reflecting on, had to deal with loss, deal with being faced with the reality of life, and death, and having to come to some serious grips with the direction my heart is leading me at this time (as a parent/professional/individual).
Through all of this, I  was also forced to look back at the huge changes that were made in my life over the past year, including my big move up to Alaska. This was not done lightly, and was done with A LOT of prayer, and asking for direction from God. I followed the direction I felt I was given, and have spent the past year REALLY struggling with that decision, and the past few months have been the worst yet.
I was really feeling let down by what I perceived as "poor direction", and "a big mistake" regarding my relocation. And I was pissed, because I sought out every step of my direction from God. I had prayed that work would improve back home in Colorado prior to my move (because I really didn't want to move)--it didn't. I had prayed that if I was meant to relocate for work, that all the pieces for that relocation would fall into place effortlessly--and they did (at least, until I hit Alaska, then it was crap).
Then the big move came--and aside from having a great job, with super dependable hours, and amazing coworkers, I've had one of the worst/hardest years of my life emotionally.
Words cannot describe how "trapped" and "isolated" you can feel when everything that you love, and care about resides thousands of miles away from you. Regardless of how frequently I've been home to be with my kids, or trips they have taken up here, or to Hawaii with me, I have never felt more disengaged as a parent, and so "aimless" as a human being.
I started to pull away from God. I started to question my faith, or how I could have faith in anything anymore, since I was allowing myself to feel misled, and forsaken. I still prayed, but half-hearted, and most of the time I would ask, "Why?...why am I here? (not like here on Earth, but why Alaska (which is like another planet to me)) Why couldn't You have made it work out in Colorado, and cut this Alaskan move out of my life completely?"
The more doors of communication I closed with God, the more isolated, helpless, and panicked I felt about my future. The burden of what lies ahead for me is huge with respect to work, family, etc.--and it is on my shoulders to direct it all. It has all been feeling like one gigantic, poorly choreographed sh*t show, and nearly impossible for me to find a stick big enough to throw into the spokes of the bicycle of life that currently feels like it's headed downhill fast.
I woke up one day, about a month ago, and forced myself to pray. Still feeling misled, angry, not particularly enamored with God, I turned on my radio in my car. I forced myself to listen to K LOVE radio (the Christian station). I found myself mocking some of the lyrics. I felt kind of like a toddler, but was still pissed at my situation, so kept it up for a day or so. However, I forced myself to keep listening. I felt so far away from God, but I felt like if I still had a line cast out in His direction, no matter how fine that line was, that if there was to be restoration of my faith, I would have a way to reel that back in and not cut it off completely.
The more I listened, the more I felt my heart start to get lighter. The heavy burden that I was carrying, the anger that I had been manifesting, the feelings of hopelessness, and self-pity--all started to dissipate. I found myself starting to turn up the radio to listen to what once were my favorite Christian songs. There were moments I started feeling connected to God again through the songs, and realizing that, although this year has been one of the hardest of my life, there really may have been real purpose to it, regardless of the misery that accompanied it.
I started to tear up to the song by Hillsong, "Oceans" when the lyrics, "You call me out upon the waters, the great unknown, where feet may fail; and there I find You in the mystery, in oceans deep, my faith will stand..."
And then more lyrics came
"You make all things work together for my good..."
And more
"You give and take away, you give and take away, my heart will choose to say, blessed be Your name, blessed be Your glorious name..."
And more
"Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me..."
I started to pray harder, and more diligently. I refused to change the radio station in my car--even if a cheeseballer Christian song came on that wasn't my fave. I decided that the rift between the pulls of good and evil in the world, with me as the middleman, were not going to pull me in the direction of self-defeat, self-pity, or negativity at the expense of losing the foundation I had built my faith, and self-worth upon.
I continue to pray very hard these days. Not just because "I need something" from God right now, but because I refuse to be that hopeless, angry, pitiful wimp that I felt like I was when I decided to temporarily give up on my faith, and be pissed at God for what I perceived as "misdirection".
What it boiled down to was my realization that, if you let darkness consume you, it will. I happen to prefer the light--which is also why I should've never moved here, because Alaska is dark as hell in the winter!
 My prayer is now focused on redirection--redirection of my entire life, but more importantly, my heart. I have re-prioritized, and have my focus now set on a new course. It's not going to be easy. There are still many unknowns, and there are still many things to fall into place, but in the long run, it could actually turn into something really good for me, and super amazing for my family (in a "best of both worlds" kind of way). 
I thought I was a person who was pretty strong in my faith--until I was met with the challenge of this year. It was so easy to get mad, and turn away from everything I had worked so hard to build up with my relationship with God. However, I did realize, firsthand, that no matter what, the door to God is always open, no matter how hard I try to slam it shut.
I'm thankful for the gift of Jesus Christ this Good Friday, that through Him all things are possible, and that, time and time again, it has been proven to me that
Philippians 4:13

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

**NEW PAINTING**: YOGA ART by Artist, Whitney Madison

Just finished three paintings for one of my favorite yoga girls (and awesome nurse friend), Katy Owen. She was one of the first nurses I met up here in Alaska, and we drove into work together one day, and she showed me a cute knit hat she made. I asked her if she would make a couple of them for my twins for Christmas, and she delivered! They were adorable. In return, I told her I would make some paintings for her. Katy is currently looking into becoming a certified yoga instructor, and now she has some wall decor to inspire her! ;)
(Lotus Flower)
Katy wanted some girlie colors on her paintings, so I chose purples, pinks, and sages. The ribbon trim that lines the perimeter of each painting is what actually inspired the gradation in all of my colors.

Each painting has my signature, handcrafted frame, and signature texturized style. These paintings are acrylic, and sealed with a high gloss glaze.

(Om symbol)
A good reminder to each of us!
Please visit my online art gallery at
(custom orders always welcome)
(: CHEERS! :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

DANCE OF THE AURORA: New Painting By Artist, Whitney Madison


The Aurora Borealis (also called, "The Northern Lights") is a phenomenon that occurs in the night sky due to the collision of energetic particles with atoms--usually at high latitudes. The Aurora is a brilliant display of colors across the night sky.

 The Aurora Borealis is truly a sight to behold. The brilliant way that it twists, and folds through the night sky is like watching a dance. It is amazing, and it will take your breath away. It also happens to the be inspiration behind my newest painting, "Dance Of The Aurora".

This original piece is on a 48"X24"X1.5" stretched canvas. Brilliant metallic acrylic paints accentuate the raised, textured, signature style of my artwork. The painting has bright blues, greens, purples, and has a high gloss glaze for protection. The streams of light are highlighted by a sparkle gloss glaze, and is ready to mount on any wall. Eye-catching, and fun to the touch, this painting is certain to become the topic of conversation in any room.

To view this painting, or to place a custom order, please visit my online art gallery at
(: CHEERS! :)