Sunday, February 23, 2014

DANCE OF THE AURORA: New Painting By Artist, Whitney Madison


The Aurora Borealis (also called, "The Northern Lights") is a phenomenon that occurs in the night sky due to the collision of energetic particles with atoms--usually at high latitudes. The Aurora is a brilliant display of colors across the night sky.

 The Aurora Borealis is truly a sight to behold. The brilliant way that it twists, and folds through the night sky is like watching a dance. It is amazing, and it will take your breath away. It also happens to the be inspiration behind my newest painting, "Dance Of The Aurora".

This original piece is on a 48"X24"X1.5" stretched canvas. Brilliant metallic acrylic paints accentuate the raised, textured, signature style of my artwork. The painting has bright blues, greens, purples, and has a high gloss glaze for protection. The streams of light are highlighted by a sparkle gloss glaze, and is ready to mount on any wall. Eye-catching, and fun to the touch, this painting is certain to become the topic of conversation in any room.

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(: CHEERS! :)