Monday, April 11, 2016

NEW PAINTINGS: Fireman Nursery Paintings by Artist Whitney Madison

By Artist Whitney Madison

I just finished my new paintings for my friend, Trier ( case you didn't know how to pronounce this BEAUTIFUL name). I have been so busy lately, and my friends have been busy building their families with these sweet little additions. However, I finally finished this little fire fighter's nursery artwork!!!

The theme for this sweet baby's nursery is just like his daddy--being a fireman (see photo above)!! This sweet babe is blessed with two incredible parents. Mom is a nurse. Dad is a firefighter. Both are ridiculously strong and beautiful people, and passed on their genetics to their children. I was fortunate enough to meet Trier at my church in Colorado (she is my pastor's daughter). I felt like the Sunday weirdo when I first started attending the church, but she embraced me, and we found out we were both going to the SAME nursing school (within about a year of one another for graduation), and she's just a sweet, beautiful friend.

This is the first painting I made for Trier after the birth of her GORGEOUS daughter, Emberlin. She told me that her little girl is into Disney themes now, but Emberlin chose to keep this painting in her room even now that she is "growing up". That makes my heart happy. :)

Trier and Kenny's new babe is a sweet little boy named Kaias. I have no idea where they come up with their awesome names for their family, but I love them.

This painting was a cute little personalized piece for the nursery.

After looking at the nursery theme and trying to come up with the artwork, I decided that the stars were my favorite part. When you have two parents who go to work and save lives--the stars are totally appropriate!!!! :)

Trier, you and Kenny have built a BEAUTIFUL family, and I love watching all of you grow in happiness, laughter, and love. Blessings to you all! I hope you like your paintings!!!! :)

Love, Whitney

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