Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shot Through the Heart and You're to Blame, Darlin' You Give God a Bad Name

Okay, America, this has to be why a fair number of you are making fun of Christians these days. Even I see this posting on MSN and have to wonder, "What the crap, Batman?". Apparently some Yay-Hoo pastor named Terry Jones down in Florida (the humidity is probably getting to him and scrambling his brain) has declared September 11th "International Burn-A-Quran Day". First of all--it's pretty bold that this leader of a SMALL Florida church thinks himself prestigious enough to be able to name any day out of the three hundred and sixty five days per year (less leap year) "INTERNATIONAL Day of ANYTHING". I mean, really?...REALLY? And then to go put on your white pointed beanie and decided that you're going to do this all in the name of God and the Christian church because you claim "God told you to"??? Scuze me if this seems a little...well...stupid. No, actually it seems a little "Grape Kool-Aid Gang" to me--you remember?...the religious fundamentalists who thought they were going to be taken away on the back of a comet and so they all wore black, put on their black sneakers, downed a bunch of poisoned grape Kool-Aid and then peaced out as the cosmic wonder barreled over their heads as they lay dead in their bunk beds? Yeah--it is leaning a bit in that direction for me. What better way to spread the word of God than through utter hatred and disdain towards other people that He created. Awesome. Thumbs up, Preacher Man!...NOT! The MSN article said that he had received death threats. Hmmm. Mind blowing, really *eyeroll*. Way to poke at a group of people who are mostly 100% normal but who have a fair number of war-crazed, jihad-loving terrorists living around them who are looking for any opportunity to point fingers, make themselves martyrs, and kill people who haven't done anything wrong. I think we should make September 11th "International Get Your Free Map to The Dove World Outreach Center Day (the church he is a pastor at--insert any number of jokes regarding the irony of that name here______)--Free Marshmallows and Brats Included So You Can Go View the Stupidity Yourself and Probably Witness a Brutal Murder of a Low IQ/Narrow-Minded Pastor Day". On the upside, Terry Jones, at least you got your name and picture in the paper--which is what my gut feeling most of this was about anyway. Well, that and you being a hater. Way to get the world in an uproar and take September 11th and make it all about you, Terry.

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