Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stick a Cork in It! My adorable story of my Champagne Friday

So here I am--disheveled, gross, probably have MRSA, Strep, Hepatitis, and C-diff cooties all over my hot pink scrubs. It's 9:15 on a Friday night. Well--MY Friday night. I work Friday and Saturday so my Friday is always on Saturday. After 13.5 hours of a long, hard day at work I drove the 45 minute drive home from Aurora to the same little liquor shop I always buy my bubbly from. The owner of the shop is super sweet. He's always very nice and has become quite thrilled about my champagne Fridays. He asked me a couple of weeks ago if he ordered a new Prosecco for me if I would be interested in trying it. Italian Prosecco? Me? Moi? Ma? (or whatever the Italian version of "me?" is)...twist my arm...YES, PLEASE! So tonight I walked in and he said, "You're late!" and I gave him some "for-sobbing-out-loud" excuse about how I worked a tail-kicking long shift that delayed my champagne Friday purchase (rather deja vu of every shift I work). Then he said, "I was so hoping I'd get to see you again for your champagne Friday before you went back on night shift!" I reassured him that I would be working Weds./Thurs./Fri. nights so we were still game-on for champagne Friday (Saturday) even after the switch. Long story short--THE NEW PROSECCO CAME IN AND HE HOOKED ME UP TONIGHT! *woot*woot*holla!* Yes, and it is TRES fabuloso. He also ripped open a box of expensive champagne and gave the the free champagne cork replacement lid that came in the package. I had told him that I don't drink a whole bottle of champagne in one sitting and gave away my secret that I learned long ago that you can leave it in the fridge with the top off as long as you stick a fork handle in it--it will save the bubbles. Thinking that this Macgyver method of champagne preservation just wouldn't do--homeboy hooked me up and now this sister has a real live bubbly preserver lid! :D I must delicious champagne, a new champagne cork saver thingy mabobber, and a liquor shop owner who will special order Italian Prosecco for me?...this whole "Champagne Friday" thing just got a whole lot sweeter, my friends!!! :)

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  1. I love this story! It's all about the simple pleasures. :)