Sunday, May 16, 2010

Painting for Emma and Chloe's Room

I painted this montage of paintings for my twins', Emma and Chloe. These hang in their bedroom above their beds. Some of the paintings are textureized. My medium is acrylic. Added a little fun to the walls, for sure. :)

Painting for my daughter, Paige

I painted this for my daughter, Paige. She had mentioned that she might be interested in becoming a pastry chef at one point. All of the small paintings are texturized and embellished with crystals, ribbons, pearls, and other little fun things. After I painted this she decided that she might want to be a party planner. *SIGH* Oh well..."A" for effort.

Bedazzled martini glasses for my friend, Erin Lake

I painted these glasses for a birthday present for my friend, Erin. I then bedazzled them with little crystals. The end result is a very fun glass to have some delicious beverages out of. :)

John Blandin's Painting

I made this painting for my friend, John Blanding, who is a huge sportsman/fisherman. He asked me to do a piece for his kitchen. He loves coffee so I used textured spackle for the frame of this painting and embedded real coffee beans in the spackle. I then glazed the frame. The coffee mug states, "Mountain Man Coffee Roasters--A rainbow of flavor in every cup" and has a rainbow trout coming out of the cup to grab a real fishing lure that I attached to a painted fishing pole.

Michelle Roark's Painting

I made this painting for my friend, Michelle Roark, who has her own line of perfume named "Phinomenal". She uses a lot of roses in her perfume so I took fresh rose petals, glazed them and attached them to the perimeter of the painting. Then I spritzed them with paint and fine glitter and glazed them again. The painting is my rendition of her Phinomenal logo. My medium is acrylic paint. This was also accented with swarovski crystals. A girlie girl's dream. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Too Sexy for My Net, Too Sexy for My Net, So Sexy Yayah...

So I was at Costco again last week. I have been brutally honest with people who take time out of their busy day to actually read the nonsense on my blog by confessing that every time I go to Costco I buy one of their giant hot dogs and enjoy every delectable bite of the ground up, non particular animal body parts it encases. However, the last time I was purchasing my delicious tube of ground up weirdness I was a little taken aback at the gentleman checking me out at the cash register. Let me just start off by letting you all know that I'm not a huge fan of eating hair. I have done it a few times on accident and I can honestly say I didn't find it super delicious. I appreciate the concept of the hair net as much as the next person, but cash register homeboy was also going the extra mile and had a hair net on his chin pubes. Technically called a "beard hair net", this fast food fashion statement will make even the hungriest of the hungry people lose their appetite a bit. Especially since when the person wearing said beard hair net talks to you the hair net bobs up and down with every flap of their jaw. You can't help but look at it. It looks like a combination of a bad see-through Santa Clause fake beard and a jock strap for the chin. It truly is a site to behold and does make you second, third, and fourth guess the purchase of your food. I'm pretty sure it was invented by the same brilliant genius who came up with the idea for the Speedo. Although I get a little queasy thinking about the beard hair net, it's not nearly as queasy as I would be if holmes' chin pubes ended up on the wiener. All things considered though--it may be time to find another place to dine on the days I shop at Costco.