Monday, August 5, 2013

Arctic Barbie Girl Learns How To Shoot A .45 In Alaska!

So, I received a call from my friend as I was seated in the pedicure chair today at Alaska Nails Salon. 
I was told we were going "shooting". Since I've been in Alaska for a little over three weeks, I figured I was probably overdue for my first "shooting adventure". Most people get up here and head to the target range behind Anchorage International Airport because they've had to go a few flight hours without their guns, and need to shoot something immediately (kidding--there isn't really a shooting range by the airport...or is there?).
This was my first attempt at shooting a 45 that had laser guided sight. I actually nailed my target, but it had a little "kick" to it. Not bad for a girl who had only ever shot a gun with water in it, or one that had suction cup darts.
I think I can talk turkey with the locals now.

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