Tuesday, January 17, 2012

**NEW PAINTING**: Mermaid Art by Emma Graham and Whitney Madison

My children have tendencies to come up with super adorable works of art when they are doodling. This painting is from a drawing that my daughter, Emma, did a couple of weeks ago.

I had Emma trace her drawing out on tracing paper. Then we transferred it onto a canvas that I had placed one of my handcrafted frames on. It was then fully texturized, and Emma picked out all of the paint colors and embellishments.

Her mermaid has a "tie dyed" tail with a bikini top that has tie dyed starfish on it. She is surrounded by texturized bubbles. The painting is trimmed with ribbon and embellished at each corner with Swarovski crystals.

I thoroughly enjoy being an artist, but I love it more that I can now incorporate my children into my work. Emma helped me with painting as well.

Em is not sure if she would like to sell this painting or not. She will have to decide for herself! :)

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