Monday, May 28, 2012

A Great Song For Life...


Ok, so I totally get that this is a Miley Cyrus song and some of you are probably like, "Dude, that's totally frickin' lame". However, it's one of my faves (so shut it).

This song was in the Hannah Montana movie--and it was totally lame in that movie. The actual song is killer though. You also have to realize that we are/were huge Hannah/Miley fans in this house. Paige and I watched almost every episode of Hannah, we all had Hannah wigs, and I love singing along with Miley, because just like me--SHE HAS A LOWER FEMALE VOICE!!!!...which means I can actually sing along with her! :)

Regardless, this song is beautiful. It's a great song to get you through the struggles of life.


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