Tuesday, June 12, 2012

**HANDCRAFTED & PAINTED CAKE/CUPCAKE TOPPERS** New Product Line Introduction At Ooooh La La Art Gallery By Artist, Whitney Madison

I think Britney Spears said it best when she said, "Oops, I did it again!"

I've been playing with my paints again. I've gone so far as to add an entirely new product line of cake/cupcake toppers to my online art gallery, Ooooh La La Art Gallery by artist, Whitney Madison, at

After years of attending weddings, parties, and showers, it came to my attention that the art of creative cake toppers has gone by the wayside. Most cake toppers were run-of-the-mill, drab, toppers that were hard to get excited about. In most instances, cake toppers are a “one time use” deal, and most of them end up imprisoned in a curio cabinet somewhere, packed away in a box in the garage, or on eBay. I decided that having a fun, commemorative cake/cupcake topper would be a far better solution to the matter at hand.

I wanted to create a different type of cake topper—one that could be kept after the wedding/shower/party/event, and used as an accessory in the home. They are my paintings, but on a smaller scale. After the special occasion, these cake toppers become a piece of art you can place in your home. Perfect for a bedside stand, a wall hanging, or on a mantle. It is the perfect visual to remind you of your special occasion, without screaming out, “I’M WHAT'S LEFT FROM A WEDDING/BABY SHOWER/PARTY!”.

Each of my cake/cupcake toppers come with their own stand. I handcraft the stands out of wood for my 5”X7” stretched canvas toppers. My cupcake toppers come with smaller wooden stands that I craft. The 4”X4” toppers come with small easel stands.

Choose from 5"X7" stretched/wrapped canvas. Each painting comes with a handcrafted, wooden cake stand made by me. This of course means I have saws, hammers, and power tools that I'm using, but for a blonde girl, I'm pretty good with them. Fear not--your cake topper stand is in good hands. $30

The 4"X4" flat panel canvas cake toppers come with their own wooden mini easel for easy display after the big party. $18

I have also designed a line of custom CUPCAKE toppers. These 2"X2" flat panel canvas cupcake toppers are ADORABLE, and sure to be a conversation piece. My cupcake toppers are sold in lots of 6 per order, and color/wording is chosen by the client. $28

Each of the cupcake toppers comes with my handcrafted, wooden cupcake stand that can be easily removed after the event. It makes a great favor for your guests!

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