Thursday, November 7, 2013

"A Case of You" Version by James Wolpert-- on TV's "The Voice". Holy Crap--AMAZING.

Ok, so there is no doubt that I like my guys a little on the nerdy side, and if you give them a guitar, and they have an amazing singing voice, it's like kryptonite to me. This song was performed on the TV show, The Voice, the other night, by singer/songwriter, James Wolpert. I about died. I had goosebumps afterward, and fell in love with how this man's voice can touch a soul. He quit his job at the Apple Store to tryout for the show.
Needless to say, this song went to #5 on Top 40 iTunes by the next morning, and I have listened to it about 20 times since I downloaded it.
PS If you want the full version of the song, go to Totally, hands down, the best $1.29 you've ever spent. ;)
Worth a listen!!

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