Monday, July 18, 2016

Because Life Is Short...

It's been a rough patch, but I have finally rallied. I'm tired of being sad, having regrets, and overthinking my life.

 I read some of my older blogs (and by older, I mean--"Old As Moses' Toes Older" 5 years ago old), and I realize the magnitude of the stupid cycle I've been stuck in for years (because nothing can change unless you change it). I even deleted some of them because they aren't worth anyone on the planet wasting their time reading. 

This week (and in recent weeks), and after numerous conversations with amazing friends, I realized how much time I've flushed down the toilet with my life, and I GOT BACK OUT THERE. Where is there? LA. CALI. CA. I'm in the city of nightlife, fun, and the highlife. So yes, I took the leap. And it was worth it.

Tonight (and in the recent weeks), I realized how much fun it is to date again. And flirt again. Tonight was (a new) date night. It was fun, refreshing, and it felt amazing to feel AmAzInG again.

Don't waste your time. Life is still willing to happen for you--if you let it.

:) CHEERS :)

(post-date night photo from tonight--it was a good hair day--praise Jesus!)

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