Monday, September 5, 2016

The Twins Are Fourteen!!!!


Where does time go?

I remember taking a trip to Durango, Colorado, when my twins were 4 years old. This was the summer before my girls started kindergarten. My godmother (God rest her sweet soul), told me that "You'd better enjoy it--because once they start school, TIME WILL FLY." 

The girls have a September birthday (stating the obvious), but they have always been the youngest in their class at school. They just started highschool a few weeks ago, and were in the minority of thirteen year-olds that are in the freshman class.  OH!!! And my Fairy Godmother was right...time DOES have wings.

These two sweet babes came into my life 14 years ago and completely blessed my life. I always wanted twins. I have no twins in my family. However, I did pray very hard for twins prior to conception, and badda-bing...I had my prayer answered. They are fraternal twin girls, and I said multiple times when they were babies that I was so glad they didn't look alike because I was too ridiculous to have identical twins.

My trip to Colorado has been amazing (as per usual). This place will always feel like home, no matter what. However, over the past few years, I have realized that home is literally where you make it. I took this photo the other morning when I had gotten up at 6:00 a.m. to get the girls to their schools (they attend different highschools--one of them is in the International Baccalaureate program at a local school). The Denver skyline is in the photo. I miss looking at this from my old suburbia on a regular basis.

We have spent the past year staying with my daughter in Colorado when I am down here. I have been a "rent partner" and the girls and I have had our own space with her during our many trips. This is coming to an end soon, and we will go back to staying in hotels, but it has been fun nonetheless. This is a picture of Paige and her furbaby, Daisy. Daisy is such a sweetie, and makes us all feel very loved on our frequent visits. Paige calls her my "granddog". I can't wrap my head around grandkids yet, so I'll take it! Even though I'm not a dog person, the dogs haven't gotten the memo, and continue to love me. Crazy fuzzy beasts.

Daisy is sweet. However, she doesn't enjoy my militant approach to healthy eating. I try to involve everyone in it, but she basically told me that she preferred processed dog food as opposed to my baby carrots, snap peas, and tomatoes. At least she humored me by chewing them a little.

I didn't really know what to do for the twins' birthday this year. It gets harder to buy them gifts they get excited about as they get older (because they already have smartphones, and that is their life). I got into town on September 1st, and decided to surprise them with one birthday gift, every day, leading up to September 5th. The second day, they got new kicks. It was a fun way to celebrate.

The first two days in Colorado were spent at my daughter, Chloe's, softball tournament. She is the starting varsity pitcher for the Green Mountain Rams. Quite a feat at the age of 13, and considering she is playing with seniors who are 18. She pitched every game, and did great. I don't know how she functions so well under the pressure, but I am SO proud of her. Guess those private pitching lessons are paying off!!!

Chloe humored me and went for a 7 mile hike at Red Rocks with me. Red Rocks is my favorite hike. I did it almost every single day I lived in Colorado. Emma did not want to hike, but this gave the two of us some much needed mother/daughter time one-on-one. We had SO much fun, and it was beautiful!!!!

When we got back to the car after our hike, we had this adorable friend waiting for us!!!!

Woke up today and made cupcakes for the girls. Em loves red velvet. Chloe loves vanilla cake. We have a metric boatload of fat and sugar at the moment. Abnormal for us, and only once a year.

We had tons of fun while I was here. There were multiple Snapchat filters that were utilized.

We embraced our inner deer.

We were flower princess chicks.

The rest of the time was spent shopping for birthday stuff, and homecoming dresses. We found one for Chloe. Em is picky, and we do not have a solution yet.

Super awesome trip, and birthday for these girls. Can't wait for my next trip! Back to L.A. tomorrow night. :(

:) CHEERS!!! :)

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