Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ADDENDUM To My CenturyLink Blog...Doug, This One's For You

Ok. I vented. I'm done. You all have heard about my complete fiasco/shenanigans that I've had to go through with my internet/DirecTV provider as of late. However, I have to add a little somethin' onto my blog in an effort to show gratitude for how **HELPFUL** (yes I said the "H" word) a  of representative of CenturyLink (named DOUG) was to me.
Normally I would not even bother to write a follow-up customer review about things on my blog. I figure I throw out my gripes to the Universe on the internet, and that is the end of it. However, within record time--two days even, of having my blog posted about my fiasco with CenturyLink, I was contacted about my crappy experience.
At first I thought it was a joke. That is until I actually read through the comment posted on my blog, and the guy from CenturyLink contacting me had actually taken the time to write that he had endured the pain, and suffering of actually reading through my entire blog post about all of my CenturyLink gripes, moans, and groans (sorry, Doug--I know I can be long winded. If you're ever in Denver I'll buy you a beer).
Here's the deal. After my internet crashed for the second time in a VERY short period of time, I called the company, spent hours on the phone (losing my mind), got shipped off to multiple countries to troubleshoot my problem, and then, by the grace of God, got back in touch with someone in the US who could actually HELP me. By the end of it, I was so frustrated that I wrote an entire blog about how I was ready to kick puppies, and change providers. That was when Bob, and Doug arrived to save the day from CenturyLink.
Both of these guys were amazing at literally keeping my head from blowing off/exploding off my shoulders. I wrote about Bob in my blog, but I wondered at first when I saw that a representative of CenturyLink had contacted me, if Doug's name was a joke--like past tense for "Did Dig Yourself Into a Hole--so Dug...I mean DOUG is the guy you call to save the day", but DOUG came through. And I'm pretty sure his real name is Doug--just for the record.
Not only did this gentleman get on and look at the trend of my internet service, but actually took the time to credit my account for my troubles, and let me know that if I have any trouble in the future that I have a DIRECT a LIVE the UNITED STATES of AMERICA (named Doug), that I can call and troubleshoot my technology with. And he was pretty cool to chat with, too, which was a bonus. I didn't need some stuffy, super weirdo, over-the-top, nerdball to deal with at this stage of the game. I was already beyond my insanity threshold.
Doug, you didn't credit my account with enough money to see both my hair stylist (for the grey hair your company caused me), and my therapist (which I don't really have anyhow), but ya done good, Mister. I appreciate you. :)

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