Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Good Morning, Whitney Madison!!!! Wake Up And Smell The Gunpowder!

Ok, America. I realize that you all want to be happy and peaceful these days. I'm all about that, but since there are the few that decide to screw things up for the rest of us...here goes.
The state of the world is kind of like a giant pile of crap right now. I realize that you have to take the good with the bad these days, but when the bad includes Columbine, the movie theatre shooting, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and multiple other random shootings--this girl is officially pissed off and not just willing to sit around and say, "Awww...that sucks".
So, big whoop...the world pissed off an unarmed blonde girl, right? Well, I happen to be smarter than your average blonde, so I tend to think more about certain subjects, and how to avoid them in the future.
I'm a fence-sitter politically. I know it drives some people crazy, but I am. The big issue today is guns.
I don't want a bunch of sass about how awful guns are. I don't want a bunch of sass about how guns need to be banned. I don't want a bunch of sass about how we should all carry guns and the right to bear arms. FENCE SITTER HERE--I see both sides almost always...SO DEAL!
Tonight I went out for dinner with my twins. It was Christmas eve. The Sandy Hook Elementary incident happened just a week ago. While at dinner, my kids said they were going to go to the bathroom together. I felt fine about it, so let them go. A minute later I heard yelling and screaming. The gal at the table next to me had gone up front, came back and said, "They called 911." I ran up to the front. My kids were sitting there, huddled in a corner on a bench in the foyer. Three restaurant members were behind the entry way desk. Two people were standing there yelling at the staff, and had already physically attacked the staff. My kids were right there in the middle of it.
I grabbed my girls, went back to the table.  and sat there until after the people were arrested. Then packed up to leave. I educated them on what had just happened, and the need to run if that happens again because they told me the reason they sat there in the midst of it was because they didn't know what to do.
I'm done, people. I can't handle the crap we live with these days. This is not my first time with these types of encounters. I even had one Sunday when a man came into a church building, sat behind me, and said he was going to kill everybody. I'M DONE.  I am going to be packing from now on. And my gun might look pretty and pink, but it will blow a hole in your fuzzy butt if you screw with me or my family.

Now...how to make a gun look good under my stylish clothing...??? I will figure it out.
**DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!!!** or Whitney.
K...I'm not from Texas, but I can pop you one.


Just FYI...all my friends pack up in Alaska and nobody every gets shot. Not in Canada, either. Know why? Cuz it's a level playing field...everyone has a gun.

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