Wednesday, January 30, 2013

**NEW PAINTING** "ON THE WAY TO CAPE MAY" For My Friend, Michelle McTague



My friend, Michelle, and her husband, Brian, just had a little baby boy named Jack not too long ago. Jack is adorable, and the spitting image of the perfect 50/50 split of his parents. I had told Michelle back around Christmas that I was planning on doing a painting for Jack's nursery. This is what I came up with.

Brian and Michelle were married in Wildwood, New Jersey, and their wedding reception was on Cape May. It was seriously one of the most beautiful, and fun weddings I have ever been to (and those of you who know me know that I absolutely hate weddings--however, I would've gone to theirs 10X if they had let me).
The (actual) Jersey Shore (not the ho bag TV version) is gorgeous. When we lived in Delaware we would go there all the time. I spent hundreds of hours on my board in Ocean City, NJ. The waves were amazing. I loved getting up in the morning, going for a long run on the beach, playing in the waves all day, and then hitting the boardwalk at night. Michelle is a photographer and came down to the shore when the twins were little and took photos of them. Brian and Michelle also spend as much time in the summer on the Jersey shore as they possibly can.
Below are the photos Michelle took of my baby girls.
Michelle and Brian created a "shore themed" nursery for their son. At their wedding they played the song, "On The Way To Cape May", so I included some of the lyrics on the painting for Jack's Nursery.
The painting is in brilliant metallic acrylics. It includes my signature handcrafted frame, and texturized style. It also includes beaded, and metallic glass embellishments, and it is sealed in a high gloss glaze for protection.
This photo of the Cape May lighthouse was my inspiration for the painting.
Brian and Michelle, you have a super cute kiddo on your hands! I hope you enjoy yet another Whitney Madison original painting for your home!
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