Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Holidays, Everyone! :)

Ok, fine. I realize I have written ONE, LONG, PATHETIC, whiny, gripey blog since my move to Alaska in July. However, it is the holiday season, therefore, we are all supposed to be merry and bright? Right?
Of course we I'll give you my most CHIPPER self in my blog Christmas card this year! **YAY!--try to contain your/my enthusiasm** ;)
The tree is trimmed, and I am waiting for the cutest kids in America to arrive at my house for Christmas. Why? Because, in case you are out of the loop, I had to come up to Alaska for work after 6 months of being put on call for work on a regular basis in Colorado. Long story short--ex-husband and I decided it was in the best interest of the kids to stay in Colorado (with him) and attend school with all of their friends (that they have had since kindergarten). Instead of uprooting them, up to Alaska I went for work. I have been back to Colorado, often, to see them in these past six months, but NOT ENOUGH TO SATIATE A MOM :(
That being said, we also decided that the kids would be up here in Alaska for Christmas, spring break, and all summer (and I'd fly down all the times in between those holiday/breaks). Guess what? Christmas is coming! I am SO looking forward to my kids experiencing Alaska for the first time!!!!
I am EXTREMELY happy to report that...MY KIDS ARE DOING SO AWESOME WITH THE CURRENT SITUATION!!!!! I truly do believe it was harder on them to be split between homes on a weekly basis in Colorado, than what we are doing now, 3,000 miles apart. They are HAPPY, and well-adjusted, and pulling the best grades they have in their life (top of the class!). HALLELUJAH!!! Lots of texting, and FaceTime with Mom, but thank God for that!
However, my adjustment to life in Alaska has not been quite as stellar. I attended college for my Geology BS degree up in Fairbanks, Alaska, a long time ago. Although it was colder up there than the part of Alaska I currently live in, I am still cold, and still having a hard time adjusting to the darkness, cold, and wind. GRRRRRRrrrrr.
My saving grace since I've been up here is the AWESOME people I work with. My girls on labor and delivery here at the hospital, not only keep me rolling on the floor with laughter, but they have become my friends, and I couldn't be more blessed--because THEY ROCK!!!! Still adjusting the the hospital setting, the docs, how things work, where things are, and I am now orienting to our OB Triage Unit, which basically rules out any condition from the flu, to falls, to labor, to rupture of membranes in pregnant women, but it is a constant adventure, and I'm so thankful for the amazing women, docs, and anesthesia docs that I have to work with (and the previous L&D experience I gained at The Medical Center of Aurora). No unit is perfect, and some are better than others, but collectively, I cannot gripe. These are the people that make me continue to love my job, and I feel so blessed to be able to help families bring their babies into the world. I also feel very blessed when my job isn't puppies and rainbows, and I can help a family through the loss of their baby. You wouldn't think that would be a blessing, but to be emotionally present for someone in their greatest time of grief is something that, like Dr. Seuss said in the Grinch, will make your heart "grow three sizes that day".

At the same time, it's hard to believe I've been up in Alaska for almost 5 months. Time still has wings--no matter the state you live in. That doesn't mean I am not counting down the days until summer up here--know what I mean, Vern (I just dated myself)?
In the tradition of MY holiday spirit, I can still say that,
A.) I STILL never shop on Black Friday--keep your cheap crap, and I'll sleep in, and keep my face looking "normal", instead of being punched by some redneck weirdo for a discount GPS system.
B.) I still put my Christmas tree up ON Thanksgiving Day (I like it up for holiday dinner). However, on the off chance (usually always) that I work on Thanksgiving, I will put it up the days I DON'T work leading up to Thanksgiving--I don't care how many of you tell me that, "for every Christmas light lit prior the Thanksgiving, an elf kills a baby reindeer". Kill that baby reindeer--some of us have lives to either bring into the world, or save--sometimes both, and you're lucky we are willing to give up holiday dinner to do so! ;)
C.) I have Christmas music playing on my DirecTV as I write this--I love, love, love it, and play it every year in the evening. It makes me happy. Or as Phil Robertson would say, "Happy, Happy, Happy".
D.) Thank God they finally got rid of the TV commercials with the creepy Target lady!

**Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Merry Christmas!**

Actually...MELE KALIKIMAKA! (5.5 more years until Hawaii is my home!)
And last, but NEVER least--I am also eternally grateful for the gift of Jesus Christ this Christmas. I feel truly blessed to have a relationship with a Man who loved "no matter what". That's really, and literally, all you need in this life. I liken this life to a video that my friend, Ben, posted, of one of my favorite pastors, Francis Chan, and the pastor holding a rope. At one end, he took about 15" and marked it with red tape. He said, "We spend so much time worrying about this...(insert him pulling 15" of rope through his hands--symbolizing this life), when what we should be worried about is THIS! (pulls the seemingly endless amount of rope through his hands).

Life (15" of rope)--it goes by quick.
The rest of the rope-your choice.
Blessings this holiday season. My friends are very dear to me, and I wish you all a blessed New Year.

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