Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Learn To Laugh Your Way Through It...And Have A Little Faith, Too...

It's been a crazy week. Lots of high highs, and low lows. However, my sister and I were talking recently--and not about anything funny, but we both just busted up laughing...hysterically. The subject was tragic, but in that moment we were able to find something in it that we could laugh about (maybe we get this from being nurses--who knows). We collectively agreed that if we couldn't laugh about it, we would break down into tears like blubbering idiots.

This is kind of like my life right now. The other night I was at work. I have been going through a rough time (with family circumstances/relationships), but I just needed a moment to stop focusing on that. I was talking with one of the docs, and my nursing coworkers, and I was going off (comedy-wise, I have a tendency to do this. I like entertaining people (not in an attention whore way)...hence, the blog). I had them all laughing so hard that the doctor was begging me to stop, and saying she couldn't take it anymore. Then she told me I needed to get out of nursing and into stand-up comedy.

I'm not quitting my night job, but it made me think. At the base of all good comedy has to be reality. Sometimes that reality is not good--it's tragic. However, if you don't find a bright spot in it, it will drag you down, and keep you down. You have to be able to laugh your way through some of this life. There is a time, and a place for it, but it has to be there--and it has to be stronger than the crap that is pulling you down. It has to sustain you.

This week brought some finality to my life. I've closed a chapter that I questioned even opening to begin with--one that I should've maybe done a bit more of a cost/benefit analysis on. I'm still not sure how to feel about it. You have to take some risks in life, but sometimes I wish some of mine were more calculated, and measured.

I have been looking back with some regret--which is probably stupid, because it won't erase choices I've made, or undo the current circumstances. The choice is now to move on, and to not look back anymore. And it is the only choice. And that is OK.

So why did J.C. make an appearance in my meme of choice this week? Because there have been a lot of prayers being shot up in His direction from my heart/head. If I had to go through this by myself, I'm not sure I could laugh my way out of it. However, when you have a rockstar who has your back, the odds are way better that you will prevail. 

I have felt like I'm bailing out a sinking ship with a straw for a long time. Then God swoops in with buckets, and a big piece of chewing gum to plug up the hole. It was a good reminder that He's not going to leave me here, and that I'm not going through this by myself.

Over the past few weeks it has become very clear that when God closes one door, He opens windows...and sometimes enough windows to get a good cross-breeze to let you catch your breath, and know that everything is going to be OK. Until those windows open in your life, learn to laugh a little--or a lot.

I did not find this meme at all blasphemous. I'm pretty sure Jesus laughed at this meme, too. ;)

:) CHEERS :)

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