Monday, August 15, 2016

Welcome To The Ho-Lympic Zone, Rio!!!

I read a funny (and alarming) news article the other night when I was on break at work. It was about how the use of apps like Tinder (the "hookup" app--i.e. the "you don't have to even buy me dinner; we can just get naked and go for it after we give each other a once-over" app). The statistic said that they had to increase the amount of condoms available in the Olympic Village in Rio because they had an issue with supply and demand in London--demand far exceeded supply. No telling how many babies and STDs came out of the London games, but they weren't going for a repeat in Rio.

The article went on to say that the amount of used condoms found all throughout the Olympic Village is staggering. They were found on rooftops, alleys, beaches, etc. (Can I get an "Ewwww" and a "Watch your step"?)

Then it went on to say that 450,000 would be available in the Olympic Village in Rio. That's A-LOT-O-LATEX. They crunched the numbers, and said that averaged out to 49 condoms per Olympian.

Apparently the equestrian people aren't the only ones who are going to be walking through the Olympic Village like they just got off a horse. Not only that, but I'm still trying not to picture how weird it must be to meet someone and say, "My roommates in bed right now, so let's head to the roof."

Athletes aren't the only ones breaking Olympic records in Rio, and Wednesdays are no longer the only hump days every 2-4 years for 2 weeks.


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