Monday, October 10, 2011

**NEW PAINTING**: "Sunset on the Tide and Lava Pools of Maui" by artist, Whitney Madison

My latest painting is inspired by my recent trip to Maui, Hawaii. While there, I was able to explore beyond the Wailea area and venture down where the ocean meets the rough lava rocks. This painting is actually a combination of a few different sights in Maui. Tristan and I snorkeled in a tide pool similar-looking to these captured in the painting. They were full of the most beautiful, and amazing fish, as well as other ocean life. We then ventured over to the black sand beach where we got into the ocean and swam with the sea turtles at sunset. I will never forget it.

As always, I handcrafted the frame and embedded opal, light lavender glass beads. The painting is fully texturized, and real painted rock was added and painted to give the full effect of the coarseness of the lava fields. The painting is in an acrylic medium, and covered with a gloss glaze for protection. This is a 16"X20" piece.

This painting is done in rich metallics that add a pop of color to any room, and create a conversation piece.

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