Sunday, October 9, 2011

"RUNNING GIRL": New Painting by Whitney Madison

RUNNING GIRL is my latest painting for my client, and friend on the East Coast, Regina. She is a marathon runner, and pours her heart and soul into her sport. I have seen many photos of her during marathons, and she is probably the only woman I know who runs them with a smile on her face for the entire 26.2 miles. That is the essence of what I was trying to capture in her latest painting. Many of you may say, "How is that possible? made a runner with no facial features whatsoever!" This is true, and as the artist, I struggled with this, myself. However, I soon found out that you don't have to have pinpointed facial expressions in order to make a figure who looks like she is running her heart out and loving her life.

The photo above captures my version of Regina on a mountain trail at sunrise. She spends the time that she is not training for marathons volunteering her time at the animal shelter. The last painting I did for her included two of her cats that she had acquired at the shelter. She recently moved, and one of her cats passed shortly thereafter. She replaced him with the little butterscotch critter you see in her painting whose name is Harley. Harley is a cat. In this photo you may say, "Well that's a mighty big cat and a small person!" Actually, Regina is what she claims, "Fun Sized", so I figured it was a good representation of what they look like relative to one another in real life. :) Regina picked out a favorite quote to go on her painting, "You don't have to go fast, you just have to go" which is perfect for what she gets up and sets out to do with her running everyday. She wanted a painting that had the third of her three animals represented in it. She wanted her cat to be running with her. Harley looks like he's actually doing a pretty good job keeping up in this painting. :)

Handcrafted frame, and fully texturized, this painting is a pop of bright colored metallics that is both fun to look at, and tempting to touch. The painting is in an acrylic medium, and gloss glazed for protection.

This particular painting was a custom order. Custom orders may be placed, and many of my other paintings can be found in my online art gallery "Ooooh La La Gallery by Artist Whitney Madison" @

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