Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Champagne...Monday??? A Little Blog About My Fluctuating "Champagne Fridays"

IT'S CHAMPAGNE FRIDAY!!!!'s Monday! That's right, folks--now that I have no idea on any given day of the week when my weekend will actually start, my Champagne Fridays have now become Champagne _________________s (insert any day of the week). Today happens to be my Champagne Friday, so I will be relaxing this evening with a glass of my favorite--Lunetta Prosecco. *SLURP!*YUM-O*

I walked into my favorite little liquor shop this evening and, as luck would have it, they are in the middle of expanding. Not knowing this was going to happen, I walked in and had my, "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore" moment when I was jolted back to reality by my favorite champagne "dealer" high-fiving me and yelling, "HEY!!!! HOW'S MY FAVORITE CHAMPAGNE FRIDAY GIRL??? Where ya been? I have been looking for you on Fridays and I've missed you the last couple!" I explained to him that now because of work circumstances that this week it was Champagne Monday. I must say--I felt a little bit like Norm in Cheers. It was pretty funny. :) (And NO---my champagne dealer is not the same guy as my merlot know, the one who likely thinks I'm an idiot for exploding an entire bottle of merlot by leaving it in the freezer last week? Yeah...not that guy. I actually buy my merlot at a different shop that has better prices on that specific brand.)

So, yes...I will be sipping my Lunetta Prosecco and relaxing this evening. I have to prepare for tomorrow. I have an entire day planned that should hypothetically make me super beautiful by the end of the day. We shall see. If not, well then it might have to be Champagne Tuesday this week, too. And I'm kidding. ;)

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