Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unlikely Accessories That Add A Little Sassafras To The Blah-dee Blah Blahs Of Conventional Chachkies

Ever get tired of the "typical" dust collectors that you have out on display in your home? Pictures of the dog; crystal figurines of angels, and ceramic roosters and pigs (FYI--I don't own any of these); candles that you never light--you know...the kind that would start a dust fire if you did decide to light them because they have been on your shelf for 10 years?

These "things" are called "Chachkies"--they are the things we surround ourselves with so that our homes don't look...well...empty. They don't really serve a purpose. They just take up space and collect dust. What is the use of a ceramic rooster, really? (and don't tell me that it doubles as a gravy boat or I'm going to make fun of you. A rooster puking gravy out of its beak onto my mashed potatoes when I tip it over is a bit much for me. I am, however, a big fan of the porcelain cow that pukes out coffee creamer.)

I recently read in a magazine that your home should be a reflection of things that are actually YOU--including your chachkies. I know--earth-shattering, isn't it? However, it made me think. If YOU are a ceramic pig, then by all means, choose the ceramic pig as your method of chachkie dust collection. I've seen all sorts of whimsical chachkies in my time. Some are super impressive. Remember me bashing the snow globe wedding favors in my previous post? I've seen people keep them in curio cabinets for years as mementos. Although this is not a direction that I personally would choose to roll, far be it for me to tell somebody else they can't keep a consolation prize from someone else's wedding in their home for the rest of their life. It can actually make for great memories and conversation.

I happen to be quite a minimalist when it comes to keeping "crap" on display in my home. I call it "crap" because I have other methods of dust collection aside from keeping 10,000 chachkies on my coffee tables and shelves--namely a dust cloth and Pledge. BUT I did enjoy the article on decorating and having your home reflect your style so I took it to heart. The photo you see above is one of my new "displays" on the shelf of my entertainment center. It's fun. It's whimsical. It's sassy. It's me. It's SHOES? Yes. And NO they aren't shoes I WEAR. They are brand new and they are not even my size so spare me the heckling that my entertainment center doubles as my closet (an NO I did not crop the photo so you couldn't see the shelf below that holds all my bras and panties...AS IF!). I decided that this "idea" of finding unique things that are "me" should be implemented. Paige (my oldest daughter) made the "Tiffany & CO" sign that is in the frame next to the leopard Betsey Johnson heels. Two things that say "ME ME ME" and I think I'm liking it. If nothing else it should rival other people's wedding favor snow globes as a conversation piece. ;)

PS: I have another pair of these exact shoes in my size. You didn't really think I would buy a fabulous pair of heels JUST to put them on display, did you? ;)

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