Friday, April 9, 2010

John Lynch FORMERLY of the Denver Broncos likes the fact that bags fly free, too!!!!

Ah yes! As we climbed aboard Southwest Airlines my children and I passed by this rockstar of an NFL football player sitting amongst us commoners!...on Southwest...the el cheap-o of el-cheap-o airlines! Apparently even super rich people like the fact that bags fly free! With four kids in tow I decided that the back of the airplane was the best place for me and my posy of offspring and as soon as we grabbed our seats and sat down with our seatbelts fastened we all grabbed our cell phones to tweet and upload Facebook status' of how we were on the plane with John Lynch of the Denver Broncos (AHEM...formerly of the Denver Broncos ;). Then what happened, since we are all linked to one another's tweets and Facebook status updates, all our phones went off to update us on one anothers status and tell us that we were on the plane with John Lynch....cuz we're dorks like that. Then we high fived each other for being so cool. Cuz we're cool like that. NOT! But true story. Then we laughed hysterically, high fived each other again, and told each other what dorks we are. Thank goodness Mr. Lynch was up about 15 rows and didn't have to listen to any of this star-struck ridiculousness. After we landed in Orange County, CA, my son, Beau, chased him down in the terminal for this picture. He was super cool about the whole thing and my son was on cloud nine. The funny part about it? son was wearing his Philadelphia Eagles baseball cap. We are HUGE Philadelphia Eagles fans. GO EAGLES! We still love you, John Lynch. You are a manimal. ;)

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  1. Thanks for labeling him appropriately. GO BRONCOS!!!!!