Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's in that shrimp Top Ramen anyhow?

This was the question posed at work the other day during our lunch break. It came up because one of the nurses was eating a heat-n-eat meal that had chicken in it. I told her that I would never eat a heat-n-eat with meat (that wasn't totally supposed to rhyme...completely coincidental) because the meat is meat/eyeball/lung/gizzard "parts"'s not real's the meat you don't want to eat (k, that rhymed, too, but crap...not my fault, people!). I likened eating a heat-n-eat with meat to eating Top Ramen with shrimp in it...which then led to the question, "Where do the shrimp in Top Ramen come from?". They are not real shrimp. They can't be. You can't cut the head and legs off of something that small. They have to be fake shrimp. You'd have to fish them out of the sea with control top pantyhose as a net. They are like Jelly Belly Jellybean shrimp--they're that tiny. My coworker then solved the mystery. She told us that they are really SeaMonkeys. Brine shrimp. Dehydrated brine shrimp. Eat up, America. That's high quality SeaMonkey right there. $0.99 well spent. 33% of your recommended daily fat intake in one beautiful non-biodegradable styrofoam cup. *SLURP!!!* YUM-Diggity*


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  2. Isn't it odd how if you put meat and eat in the same sentence it rhymes everytime. :)

  3. I know...I know. I had to stop before I had to write an entire poem about it that included feet, street, and concrete.