Thursday, April 8, 2010

So, listen up!...or don't. *WhAtEva*

I have unleashed the beast. Started a blog. Gone where only a few million others have gone before. Wandered into totally charted territory. Leading the way for other slow pokes who should've broken down and started a blog years ago when all the "cool" people did. Yes, the BETTER LATE THAN NEVER girl has arrived. Blogging will never be the same. High heels will be worn. Vacuum cleaners will be danced with. This blogger will have endless hours of fun exploiting herself and making ridiculous people look normal. You've been warned. :)


  1. Welcome!!! I love blogs - it's a great way for me to see pictures and read updates of my family... particularly my super-cute nieces and nephews. I'll now be cyber-stalking your blog, too... :)