Tuesday, April 13, 2010

With a little style and grace...

I read an article interviewing Miley Cyrus some time back in which the reporter asked her, "If you could be like anyone in Hollywood, who would it be?" Her answer, "Jennifer Aniston." She aspired to be like "Jen" because of the fact that Jennifer had kind of been through the wringer with a few of life's most monumental events--like marriage and divorce. However, unlike a lot of bitter, jaded divorcees, Jennifer has managed to maintain, at the very least, a public image of being level-headed, calm, collected, and graceful. She has never publicly gone on a rant about Angelina Jolie, and never publicly bashed Brad Pitt. She spoke very little about what happened to her marriage and we all know surprisingly little considering she is very much in the public eye. Miley Cyrus had said that if she ever went through a divorce in the spotlight that she'd want to handle it exactly like Aniston did--with style and grace. I have to agree with the 16 year old teen mogul on this one. Even though there is no spotlight involved in my situation, as someone who has been through a divorce I think that most of my friends, even close friends, would tell you that they don't know much about what happened in my failed relationship. It's not something that I talk about in public, and it's certainly nothing I pop off about on internet social websites. There have only been a handful of times I have gone off on a tangent about my ex-husband but always realizing that ranting about it was ridiculous--that that was the whole purpose of getting divorced...to make further ranting unnecessary. I have no idea who I will end up with in this life--if anyone at all, but like Miley Cyrus, I want to be like Jen, too. She is an example of how to be beautiful, talented, gracious, kind, and reasonable about the things life throws at you--even when they are life-altering and disappointing. It's certainly all the qualities and character of the woman I aspire to be. :) (and P.S. for those of you who read my blog yesterday about covering up your goodies and ditching plunging necklines who are going to rip on me for selecting this picture of Jennifer Aniston with a plunging neckline please remember that SHE IS JENNIFER ANISTON SO SHE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT...the rest of us aren't. ;)

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