Monday, April 12, 2010

With all due respect, ladies...

After spending nearly a week in California, supposedly one of the fashion meccas of the world, I must say I was disappointed at how people of all ages think they need to fit in with the hip trends that are targeted at young, SINGLE, twenty somethings fashion and clothing-wise. I walked down Main Street of Disneyland behind a mid 30-something gal pushing a baby stroller who was wearing Daisy Duke shorts with Ugg boots--perhaps she saw Miley Cyrus wearing them in Seventeen magazine but Miley is 16 and not pushing a baby stroller around occupied by small children who will one day be looking for guidance from said mother. I've also noticed how a lot of people in their late 20's and early 30's--heck, even 40's are still wearing plunging necklines that show everything but the "turkey buttons". Time to cover up the wrinkly cleavage and the slightly saggy ladies, girlfriends. There comes a point where showing this much skin is just, well...tacky. It is only my opinion (and I can say whatever I want cuz it's MY blog so if you disagree, fine, but it's still all mine so neener neener neener) that we LADIES should hold ourselves to a higher standard. Time to put away the plunging necklines, Daisy Dukes, and mini skirts. Time to embrace being classy and realizing that truly being SEXY means wearing clothing that actually leaves something to the imagination. I know some women think that wearing revealing clothing brings more male attention, but here's a newsflash from Whitney M. Madison: The kind of man who is attracted to me for THAT is not someone I would ever give the time of day to or ever want oogling my goodies. Stay away pervs, this fashionista momma is a class act. :)

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