Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Le Creuset Cookware Is On Sale! But Make Sure You Buy Yourself Some Free Weights...

Ahhhhh. Just returned from a hard day at work. To set the scene, picture me...a glass of wine...heating up a leftover slice of pizza...grabbing the Crate and Barrel catalog...kicking up my feet. O-M-G...Le Creuset cookware...on 61. It's BEAUTIFUL. It's COLORFUL. It's...10,000 lbs....

I'm writing this blog because THIS VERY PICTURE THAT YOU SEE UP ABOVE is my cookware. I love it. It's red. It's shiny. It's...It's...TOO HEAVY FOR ME TO LIFT. It's cast iron. Each pot/pan weighs AT LEAST 25 lbs. This is what happens when a blonde girl has lofty dreams of acquiring amazing cookware that she'll never have to replace and goes out and spends a crap ton of money on something that looks amazing ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT SHE ISN'T STRONG ENOUGH TO PICK THE STUPID STUFF UP! Yep. That's right. That's me--Wimpy McWimpyPants. I can't even muster up enough strength on most days to strain my spaghetti. True story.

For those of you who know me--I work out. I lift. I run. I do situps like a Richard Simmons crack baby. There is no reason that I should be bested by freakin' cookware. It bugs me. The only thing that bugs me more than the fact that I can't lift my own cookware is the fact that I spent well over $1000 on my cookware only to humiliate and humble myself on a daily basis.

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