Friday, April 29, 2011

With Poise and Grace: My Thoughts on Prince William & Princess Kate

The "Wedding of the Century" has finally come to fruition. Now that the "I Will's" are over, it's time to critique the blessed events of The Royal Wedding.

First of all, let me just say that I am a huge Kate Middleton fan. I think part of the allure of "The Kate Middleton Story" is that it truly is a fairytale come true. This was not a whirlwind relationship that started out fast and furious in love. This was not a rush to the alter during the blissful "Crazy in Love" phase. This was a smart, well calculated, and well measured endeavor of the heart that I truly feel will likely get the Royals divorce-laden past back on track. Some of you might be saying, "Well calculated? Well measured? Is that how LOVE should be?", In my opinion...ABSOLUTELY. If you're not going to be smart about love then you should not involve yourself in it.

There have been critics who mocked and heckled the royal couple. They had been together for nine years prior to their engagement. At one point the couple had broken up for a few months and then had gotten back together. Some people look at breakups as a sign of weakness in a relationship. I am not one of those people. I think that a breakup can give you a refreshing perspective and the time needed to reevaluate direction and level of commitment in a relationship. I believe that in the "relationship" phase where there is not that marital commitment in place it's nice to be able to make sure the one who you are with is the one you are supposed to be with.

Some might be surprised to learn that my relationship has had a couple of these moments. Not many have known about it, but those who have seem to definitely have their opinion about it. Consensus from the peanut gallery, much like the royal hecklers, is that a breakup means impending doom. Luckily, I feel differently about it. Some of the best moments of realization in my relationship have come with the clarity of "taking a break" from it. To Kate and William I say, "THANK YOU! Thank you for showing the world that they don't know how your relationship works--oh...and TOUCHE!!!".

I have a good feeling about Will and Kate. In a world where the divorce rate is nearly 60% I think this marriage will not contribute to "up-ing" that statistic. It's refreshing to see people take time to think about what they are doing before they move forward. I intend to be one of those people. I want to know what my life is going to look like when I decide to marry. I want to know as much as I can about my compatibility with the man I end up with before I take the big leap. I want to avoid the "Ah Ha moments" and the "Holy crap, what the heck did I get myself into" times that come with rushing into marriage. I had only dated my ex-husband for 6 months prior to getting engaged, and we were married shortly thereafter. It was a huge detriment to us, and a mistake I don't ever wish to repeat.

On to The Royal Wedding. Wow. It was beautiful. Not too over the top, not too understated. Kate's dress? I couldn't have been more off. I had guessed "couture" and "edgy" and it was nothing but graceful and brilliant. It was GORGEOUS. Her sister, Pippa, looked absolutely breathtaking as well. Whoever styled the Middleton sisters gets a Perfect 10 in my book. They were STUNNING. And Kate's wedding ring? Not what I expected at all. I thought that it would be full of precious stones but it was a simple, narrow, platinum band. I was surprised on numerous occasions today. It was great--and this is coming from the girl who hates weddings. ;)

The ceremony was touching. I loved the scripture that was chosen. I loved when Kate's brother read from the bible. I love that the couple did not kiss after they became husband and wife--I thought it was very classy. We all know that they have kissed over a million times in the nine years they have been together. I don't think they "owed it to us" or needed to "seal the deal" with a controversial kiss that the world would critique for the rest of their lives. When the couple did finally kiss on the balcony it was everything I had expected--subtle, genuine, and modest. I don't need to see someone plant a huge kiss on their mate to feel like "it's a done deal". I thought it was great--especially in this day and age where so many people think a sloppy, slurpee kiss is something we all need to be a part of as we share in celebrating their big day. Who was the first couple who thought sloppy tongue kisses were appropriate for weddings? Ugh. It makes me want to lose my lunch when I see people do that at their wedding...

So yes--not my funniest blog ever. I guess weddings make a lot of people reflect on what marriage means. It was certainly great to watch. However, I've had my fill and now I won't have to see another one until either Prince Harry gets married, or until Will and Kate's kiddos tie the knot. Cheers to the royal couple, and cheers to true love. I think Princess Di would've been very proud.

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