Sunday, April 24, 2011

WHITNEY: INTERNATIONAL BLOGGING SUPERSTAR (ok...I might be exaggerating a little...BUT I'M STOKED!)

WELL NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION...I'm not really an International a blogging SUPERSTAR...but I feel like it (and I'm well on my way so just you wait and see)! I started this blog back in June of 2010 as a way to do two things I love--stay in touch with people about my life, and blabber out all of the garbles of stuff that exist in my brain onto a blog. I usually list a link to my blog posts on my Facebook page. I have a fair number of friends who I know read my blog--and I love it. I love the funny stuff you guys say after my posts and the encouragement you give me to keep spilling out all the junk in my head onto this website. I also have about 6 of my friends who "follow" my blog as followers on Blogspot. It's a hoot--and truly great that anyone cares enough to read my postings in the first place.

For those of you who know me--I am blonde. Not just blonde because of my Norwegian heritage--but truly blonde in all the sense of the type of blonde that people make blonde jokes about (only I have two degrees in science to back up that my "blonde-ness" is only a transient feature...I have my moments of relative brilliance as well). One of these blonde moments happened quite recently. See--although I blog like a columnist on crack at times, I don't pay much attention to the actual features on my blog. The other day while puttzing around on this site I noticed a tab labeled "STATS". How had I missed this? (I can hear you whispering, "Because you are blonde..."--shut it--I KNOW). Lo and Behold after I pushed that little stat button it revealed that there are a few more people other than my Facebook friends following my blog--thousands to be exact. And not just people here in the United States--I have a fair number of international peeps, too! I find this uber thrilling. Like "having Cheez Whiz nachos" thrilling (and I like some Cheez Whiz, folks).

So here's the deal: I have the largest number of blog watchers here in the US (including Alaska--which is not surprising because I have a lot of friends in both the lower 48 and up in Alaska and Hawaii). What DOES surprise me is that my next two largest groups of blog readers are in the United Kingdom and Canada (with the largest ratings from B.C.)--WOOT WOOT *HOLLA!* Great to have you two countries on board here at Blah-dee Blah Blah Blah-dee Blah Blah Blog! Other countries who frequent this blog are Finland, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, China, Australia, France, Slovenia, and my most recent additions--Israel, Denmark, and Hungary. All I have to say is WOW. Thank you! This makes me very happy...

Now that I am aware that there are actually more people interested in this blog (aside from my beloved peeps) there is going to be a fair bit more to come on Blah-dee Blah Blah Blah-dee Blah Blah Blog. I am probably going to start doing some video blogging. Mostly because I bought a video camera and don't have much else to use it for so using it to make a fool out of myself sounds pretty good to me. ;) As most of you know--I have a lot to say and so any medium in which I can say it thrills me to pieces.

"Why Whitney...WHY?" you ask (ok--you didn't ask but I'm going to speak for you and pretend like you care here). Is it because I like to write? YES. Is it because I like to entertain people? YES. Is it because I want attention? No...but maybe yes. Is it because I want someone in the world to discover my writing and give me a job as a columnist for a magazine? HECK YES. ;)

Regardless--the blog is going to be amped up a bit. That STATS button is my new addiction. I love seeing the traffic on my blog and love that so many people...well...CARE enough to stop by and see what is going on in the land of Whitney's Brain. It's quite flattering.

Hope you ENJOY the future of this blog.

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