Friday, April 22, 2011

My Song For My God-- It Ain't Easy But I'm Tryin'

Oh my goodness. The blogger It's true. That's what this post is about. Well, actually this post is about God--and just happens to include a song I wrote for Him. There is also a message attached to it on Christianity and the obligations that go with that. The title of the song is literally from my heart and it is how I feel about God and about Godly things. I fall short ALL THE TIME. However, I am thankful for the forgiveness that comes from God and the opportunity to refine myself on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy. Normally there is humor with some of my blogs--this video has a little, but it is truly from my heart. I wrote this song in 1999. I hope to record it this year. Enjoy! (PS--great frozen pic of my face, eh? Seriously, YouTube--that's the best you could do? I look like I'm getting ready to hurl. LOL!) (It Ain't Easy But I'm Tryin': Copyright 2011)


  1. That was beautiful! You are so brave. =) What an awesome way to spread the word of Christ by sharing your testimony of Him through song. You are awesome Whit..... I need to follow your example more. =)

    I just read an awesome book (re read really, its been a LONG time since I read it the first time). Its right up the alley of this song..... Believing Christ (the parable of the bicycle and other Good News). You can get it on Amazon for under $5. You'd like it. =)

    Thanks for a great end to my Easter Sunday! Have a great week!

  2. Katie! Thank you SO much. I was so nervous when I made this video. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    It is so ironic that you just brough up that book. I've never read it--BUT I OWN IT! How crazy is that. I love the title because although I love Christ and believe in Christ it is so hard for me to grasp the concept at times of "Believing Christ" and believing in all of the things that he did for ME. It's almost too hard to believe because I think that it is a matter of self worth and not being able to wrap my head around how anyone could possibly love ME that much. I am, however, eternally thankful for that love and for the sacrifice He made--regardless of the fact that I can't handle Easter. Let me rephrase that--I can't handle Easter at church now--I used to be just fine with it in the Mormon church because they literally focus on "The Living Christ" and that's just how I picture Him--he's alive. :)

    Hugs to you, lady. I love looking at your blog and keeping updated on your beautiful family. YOU are a great example to me, too! :)