Friday, April 29, 2011

OK...Now Time to Have Some Royal Fun With Wedding Hats I already posted my sentimental blog about the Royal Wedding today. Now it is time for a little bit of fun. Hat fun. It was "Silly Hat Friday"--didn't you get the memo? Did you guys get a load of some of those "things" people were wearing on their head today? It's amazing Kate Middleton didn't fall over and giggle herself to death as she acknowledged some of the people in the crowd. Enough...let's do this...

Let's start with my most FAVORITE (ROFL) hat of the day. This is brilliant. I work in Women's Services at the hospital and this is dead-on with every uterus I've seen taken out and sewn up during a C-Section surgery. It's kind of a toss up for me. It's a mix of uterus and that ribbon candy they have out at Christmas. I dunno--she kind of looks a bit like a cake topper, too. Whoever takes this lovely princess home tonight better have a few extra glasses of champagne and a good sense of humor.

Then there is the Queen Mum (the one on the left). Apparently butter cream yellow and monochromatic was the flavor of the day. She kind of resembles a stick of margarine with poor eyesight. I shouldn't talk--I look horrible in yellow. It makes my skin look like I have liver disease. They did sing "God Save the Queen (from that outfit)" today.

Um, scuze me, seem to have a bit of brain oozing out of your head. Hang on a minute--I'll grab a Band Aid and some sutures. Don't worry--I'm a nurse. We'll get this mess cleaned up right properly.

Somewhere there is a blue bird with a perm flying around out there who is missing some feathers.

I am now convinced that we have had visitors from another planet here on earth. Not only did they do a fantastic job parking their spaceship with precision, but with antennae like that I'm sure they have amazing cellular phone reception.  

That's where my tumbleweed went!!! I've been looking all over over for it! Introducing Princess Bramblehead of Wales.

Awwww....look who got invited to the big event...IT'S MASSIVE HEADWOUND HARRY. She looks like she has a lot on her mind. Actually, she's probably giving the evil stink-eye to Princess Bramblehead for one-uping her.

Victoria Beckham has spent the past year coming up with head protection for heading soccer balls and has apparently decided to present her invention at The Royal Wedding. It's called The Ball Bumper. It comes in purple, too. Hmmm...I don't think they can technically call it a hat if it's not on your head. This looks like it's really weighing down her eyebrows. She may have to have a brow lift soon.

I think the stone fell out of Kate's engagement ring and landed on this poor lady's head.

...and that was the last time the princess ever went to the Butterfly Pavilion.

And to bring up the tail end of this blog entry we have Drizella and Anastasia--the evil step sisters of Cinderella. Is it just me, or does everyone with one these hats on look angry? I would be. The one on the left looks strikingly similar to my feather duster. Better than the giant fettuccine noodle head she's standing next to though.

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